Offshore Gun Talk


The National Rifle Association is still searching for ways to escape McCain-Feingold's restrictions on political speech. According to U.S. News & World Report, the ideas on the table include broadcasting from a Mexican border blaster or even an offshore pirate radio station:

Instead of trying to buy a domestic radio or cable TV station, the NRA might go gunning for its enemies from outside U.S. borders. Rifleman Wayne LaPierre tells us he may skip the whole controversy by buying or teaming with a Mexican radio station on the U.S. border. That would beat dealing with the new rules and overcoming licensing hassles. "If I could find a radio station in Mexico with 50,000 watts," he says, "I would go with them. Fifty thousand watts would cover over half the country." He might also set sail in the Good Ship NRA and broadcast from international waters. "We're going to look at every possibility," he says, "to not get shut out of the electoral process."