Barbarian Gatekeepers


New at Reason: What's wrong with online prescription drug purchases, Ron Bailey wants to know.

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  1. wow. Ronald Bailey tells us that the global icecaps melting is just a coincidence. He says that all the government reports showing global warming aren’t true. He knows more about global warming than anyone, since he sits at a desk in some swank think tank funded by Exxon Mobil that denies global warming exists (HMM–wonder how that works) Does anyone believe the bullshit that this guys is telling us?

  2. Hey American,

    People don’t have to be right about everything to be right about some things.




  3. American: Do you actually read any of my stuff on global warming? In any case, Steve in CO is right.

  4. I’ve read some of the shit that comes out of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, its just a mouthpiece for corporations. Pretty sad actually. I’m not sure why anyone listens to you.

  5. This situation provides a strong test of my principles, since I’d love to see all spammers declared “enemy combatants.” 🙂

    But actually, prescription laws are part of what creates a market for spammers, much as controlled-substance laws create a market for criminal drug dealers. It takes an idiot to buy from someone whose web site is in China, who uses a forged address, and whose sales pitch amounts to “Bwahaha! I misspelled every word in this V1@gra pitch so that your spam filters wouldn’t keep me from invading your mailbox!” But when the alternative is spending hundreds of dollars for a legitimate doctor’s OK, it’s not surprising if there are some people who’ll take their chances with a crook.

    And the regulatory situation creates the irony that the spammers who actually do ship medicine — probably a tiny minority compared to those who take the money and run or who ship candy pills — are the ones the FDA goes after.

  6. American: I’ll take that answer as a “no.”

  7. Heh. What a joke. Go back to lying about science, Ronnie. Go back to MISleading the public on genetically modified food and global warming. Most people are too smart to believe your corporate nonsense.

  8. American and Jesus: I guess I’ll still have to take that as a “no.” Please read my articles, not what a bunch of ideologically opposed activists say about them.

  9. Why would I? Your purpose is to serve as a corporate mouthpiece. You are no more trustworthy than PR Watch.

  10. Any idea why a person with a fixation chose this particular thread to post repeated off-topic rants under an assortment of different names?

  11. maybe because he’s exposing Ronald Bailey and the Kompetitive Enterprise Institute’s pathetic excuse for “science”.

  12. It’s American’s time of the month. Or maybe he’s just retarded.

  13. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 02:28:34
    Some nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

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