The Humiliation Card


Don't know what to make of these reports that the Arab world saw Saddam's arrest and post-arrest video as a grave, and intentional, humiliation for the region. Perhaps this view is widespread, but it is unclear what the U.S. could have done to avoid it. Saddam looked the way he looked and quit the way he quit.

Failure to supply a medical check-up or document every step of his handling surely would've been criticized as well. More problematic for the U.S. would seem to be the sentiment from at least some Iraqis that now that Saddam is in hand, the Americans should just go home.

There is also the suggestion that the U.S. could prove its beef was truly with Saddam by taking him with them and the leave the Iraqis to sort out the rest, which is an interesting spin on the where-to-hang Saddam debate.