New at Reason: Jesse Walker, in his best Rod Serling voice, submits for your approval the ironic case of the left-wingers who got campaign finance "reform" just when they stopped wanting it.

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  1. As they say…”Be careful what you wish for.”

  2. Kevin,

    What’s your take on the Georgian coup? I couldn’t tell if it was a popular uprising against a former hometown hero turned tyrant who couldn’t let go of power or a bunch of rowdy no-nothings bypassing and subverting the democratic process themselves! I guess it boils down to how fair & free the last election really was, and I’ve seen precious little to really say one way or another.

  3. I’m not sure why they’d be comfortable with Soros’ money. We’ve had a lot of liberal billionaires in the political process whose “progressive” agenda served above all to feather their own nests. Does anyone believe the Business Advisory Council or Committee on Economic Development were motivated by an ANTI-big business agenda?

    And you’d think Soros’ possible role in the Georgia coup would make them doubly uncomfortable.

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