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New at Reason: In his review of Michael Lewis' Moneyball, Matt Welch celebrates the triumph of the stat geeks over the blowhards.

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  1. hmmm…i’ve actually been interested in this book but didn’t find this review very helpful. it seems the description of what the book is about (sabermetrics) should be presented before describing what it is NOT and who disagrees with the theory. You lost me half way into it. JMO.

  2. Baseball? (Spare your insults please) I just don’t get the seemingly cult-like behavior of the fanatics. Seems pathological to me… but hey, I am not a fan I guess.

    PS It is nice to see the scientific-method get some props. Reminds me of the study that proved in basketball, there is really no such thing as a hot-streak. Statistically speaking. However, since we are pattern-seeking quasi-simean bipedal omnivores, prone to seek order out of chaos it isn’t surprising to realize emotional, vehement opposition to such heresy.


  3. Matt,

    Wow, you know your sabermetrics. Of all the reviews I’ve read of Moneyball, yours seems to be the best-versed in the field.


  4. Also not a baseball fan (anymore). But it’s still nice to occasionally turn things upside down. Especially when you’re right. Up the rebels!

  5. Thanks, Phil! Sorry, Brady (at the risk of exposing you to more of my confusing prose, maybe this one will be more helpful:

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