Stunning Anticlimax


New at Reason: Straight from Milan's Il Duomo cathedral, Ron Bailey dons his red hat, raises his staff, and closes the COP9 synod with a puff of black smoke.

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  1. Nit pick:

    Gargoyles are decorative. Flying buttresses are structural elements–they were an innovation that allowed the creation of cathedrals of that size with the building materials and techniques that were available at the time.

    Arguably the carbon sinks are a bigger deal than an adjustment fund, but since they were just nailing down the fine print, it was more like plasterwork along the buttress.

  2. If the Climate Change folks take out advertising on the D.C. Metro to promote their cause, will they be blasted by conservative redneck congresspeople??


  3. Ya know, “Legalize Cleaner Air and Enjoy Better Sex”…okay, enough for now…heh

  4. “Il Duomo cathedral:” Isn’t that redundant?

  5. wow. Ronald Bailey tells us that the global icecaps melting is just a coincidence. He says that all the government reports showing global warming aren’t true. He knows more about global warming than anyone, since he sits at a desk in some swank think tank funded by Exxon Mobil that denies global warming exists (HMM–wonder how that works) Does anyone believe the bullshit that this guys is telling us?

  6. Hey, I like the cathedral analogy. What else do you build if you have faith in a belief without any firm scientific support?

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