You Say You'll Change the Constitution


The first EU head of state (or literally, future EU head of state) has officially come out against the proposed Brussels constitution: Czech President Vaclav Klaus.

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  1. Matt,

    Is the proposed new voting regime his main criticism?

  2. Jean — I haven’t followed it closely enough to say. Klaus has always been as Euro-skeptic as possible (i.e., he won’t drag has feet in accession talks, not wanting to be left behind Poland & Hungary, but he’ll slam Brussels to Western audiences while refusing to campaign domestically in support of EU referenda).

  3. Matt,

    Hmm, he sounds like a politician. 🙂

  4. The most successful politician in modern Czech history, I’d say….

  5. Matt,

    You don’t think Benes was more successful? He was more successful than Poland’s Sikorskii (admittedly the latter was killed in a plane crash in 1943).

  6. Jean — Being a youngun’, I define “modern” as post-1989. I don’t know enough about Benes to judge; though when living in Slovakia & Hungary, I heard earfuls about his infamous Decrees. I’d guess that T.G. Masaryk has him beat as a politician, but it’s only a guess.

  7. Vaclav Klaus seems to have mishandled privatization when he was Prime Minister, but since becoming President he has come out against the European Union super-state and he opposed the US war on Iraq.

    So he is a good spokesman on international affairs, if we can just keep his hand out of the till.

  8. I’d say the most successful politician in Czech history was Klement Gottwald, at least assuming his death in 1953 was natural (it came suspiciously just after the death of his patron, the Great Leader and Teacher, in Moscow). I don’t know what percent of the vote Klaus got, but after 1948 Gottwald always got 100% 🙂

  9. Is Saudi Arabia getting to vote on this?

  10. David Tenner,

    A number of Eastern European leaders died soon after Stalin.

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