Reason's 35 Heroes of Freedom are the subject of this nice column by Bill Steigerwald in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a couple of weeks ago:

Conservatives, especially social ones who believe in government spiritual engineering, will love half of Reason's choices and be stunned by the rest. They'll hate every laissez-faire thing the magazine says about culture, lifestyle choices and drug legalization.

Liberals, meanwhile, might approve of 15 percent of Reason's heroes and cheer its noninterventionist foreign policy. But they'll despise every favorable thing Reason says about free trade, globalization and technology.

But that's what libertarians always get—single-issue friends and enemies from across the spectrum. From both the Democrat left and Republican right, Reason's "radical" notions will always look like ideological and moral schizophrenia.

You can read the whole thing here.

So this holiday season, what better way to share the ideological and moral schizophrenia with your friends and loved ones than to give them a gift subscription to Reason?