Jennicam, They Got Your Number


The Washington Post reports that one of the longest-lived voyeur Web sites,, will be going dark at the end of the year. The unofficial culprit? PayPal, the online payment service which doesn't traffic in "the sale of items for mature audiences."

From the story:

After seven years, it looks like former Washington resident Jennifer Ringley is finally turning off the webcams.

Ringley, more famous as the woman behind Jennicam (, became an Internet curiosity and a quasi-celebrity in the early days of the Web by putting up cameras around her apartment and letting anyone with an Internet connection tune in at any hour for a $15 annual subscription.

At the height of its popularity, jennicam reportedly drew 100 million visits a week–and launched thousands of interminable trend stories about the Web.

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  1. Seattle Hempfest has been having troubles with Pay Pal. They have been quite resistant to the anti-prohibition speech on the website. As a private company, I support their right to do business with whom they want, but like Istook and DC metro, I have been concerned with possible outside influences helping Paypal with their decision making, such as the RAVE act.

  2. Apparently, Paypal has a history of arbitrary decisions that lock up people’s accounts, with a very difficult appeals process. Same thing goes for Yahoo Groups, and a lot of ISPs and webhosters that are quick to shut down sites, with little or no appeal, when somebody leans on them. If you take the speech codes at Yahoo and various free website services literally, it’s pretty hard to be sure you aren’t crossing the line somewhere. They might as well call it a “zero tolerance” policy.

    That’s why it’s so easy for the “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” Nazis (and their right-wing counterparts) to harass those they disapprove out of existence.

  3. Actually Kevin, while paypal does not lease its services to immoral vices such as pornography and hemp, they still allow you to use their services to make donations to the KKK.

  4. *sigh*

    I miss those Jennishows. I think I have some of them stuck on a hard drive someplace.

  5. “I miss those Jennishows. I think I have some of them stuck on a hard drive someplace.”

    So you got your hard drive stuck with those sticky fingers of yours, how do you fix that?

  6. I missed the whole jennicam thing,I guess life goes on as before.

  7. Christ! I really miss Jenny. I have a couple of hundred images stored in my “jenni” file. I sent a real corker to Jenny about a year ago and noted ” Those were the days, Jenny,” She answered ” I agree.” It was always a real thrill to me to see her middle finger doing its thing.
    We really are living in a totally screwed up society. Puritanical and some. I used Paypal to buy some really raunchy pissing videos with no questions asked, but “frontal nudity” is hard to avoid when I log in to AOL.
    I hope Jenny can find another outlet for those of us who are yearning to see her yumminess again. Dennis

  8. Could someone send me some nude pics or nude videos of her?

  9. EMAIL:
    DATE: 02/28/2004 11:23:15
    Lies are only a problem when you believe them.

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