Can You Decline An Endorsement?


Fresh from delivering San Francisco into the hands of flabby Marxist Matt Gonzalez, Al Gore looks ready to extend his jinx to Howard Dean. The snub to Wes Clark, I suppose, completes Gore's apostasy from the Clinton coalition. [Please note that today's story on the potential strength of the Dean campaign was published before Weird Al decided bring his special brand of magic to George W. Bush.]

Update: As Matt notes above, it's actually Joe Lieberman who's getting snubbed by Gore. I've been trying to forget about that time the two of them ran for President and Vice President.

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  1. Gore hasn’t officially delivered SF into the hands, flabby or otherwise, of Gonzalez yet. The election’s not till tomorrow as I write this on Monday evening. I do agree wholeheartedly that Gore is a loser who still blames his loss on Nader and Bush, when he should be looking at his own piss-poor campaign. Many Demo’s, myself included, don’t like Al at all.

  2. Is Gonzalez really a Marxist?

  3. fishfry,

    Stipulating, for the moment, that most Democrats perceive Nader as having helped defeat Gore…. Do you think that perception has something to do with the reduced influence of the DLC establishment on the party this time around?

    I’d kind of like to see Bob Barr, Pat Buchanan, or Ron Paul run as an independent Republican, in hopes that a similar Bush defeat would similarly weaken the neocon hold on the GOP.

  4. From the New York Times story:

    “Steve Murphy, Mr. Gephardt’s campaign manager, said: ‘Al Gore and Dick Gephardt fought side by side to pass the Clinton economic plan, to defend against the Republican efforts to cut Medicare, to pass the assault weapons ban and to save affirmative action. Howard Dean was on the other side of every one of those fights.'”

  5. Trying to forget the time the two of them received more votes for Prez/Veep than anyone else, you mean.

  6. Don;t forget that Pat Buchanan’s primary challenge in 1992 helped set the stage for Bush I’s defeat by splitting the Repubs. Even with Perot in the race it made a difference.

  7. The President in 2004 will be “Anybody but Bush” for the simple reason nation-building, especially nation-building using a democratic blueprint, is the tar baby to end all tar babies.
    What the world needs now is love not nations.

  8. OK, Ruthless–I’m open to the idea that nation-building is a fool’s errand, but what do you suggest in its place? At least nation-building has a more coherent plan than “all you need is love,” which neglects the Howard Jones objection, “what is love anyway?”

    I have to say, having Gore, or the other guy who mixes everything I hate about liberals and conservatives (apart from George Bush), endorse Dean does make me step back and wonder if Dean is the best choice to oppose Bush…but then I don’t dislike dogs just because Hitler had one, either.

  9. What’s love got to do with it?

  10. Yeah that Howie Dean is all about love…

  11. “OK, Ruthless–I’m open to the idea that nation-building is a fool’s errand, but what do you suggest in its place?”

    Nation un-building: admitting Homeland Security is silly, stop foreign aid, close all our embassies, tear down the fence on the Mexican border, bring our troops home, replace Rummy with Oprah and Cheney with Dr. Ruth…

  12. Every time I think that there is some hope that Democrats/Left might come to realize that living in a fantasy world is a recipe for disaster, someone like “Ruthless” comes along shows that there’s little chance of that ever happening.

  13. Gore is clearly a duplicitous, disloyal bastard and it’s a good thing his political career is over, even though he apparently doesn’t know it yet.

  14. Let’s see, Gore invented the internet and Dean is commanding the internet waves.

    Then what is this?

    AOL Front Page Poll on a race between Bush and Dean?

    Bush 56%

    Dean 36%

    744,066 votes. It ain’t scientific, but those internet users may not be what Dean makes them out to be.

  15. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/20/2004 12:39:41
    People who do not think far enough ahead inevitably have worries near at hand.

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