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The whole sordid— now stalled—Boeing aircraft tanker deal with the Pentagon evidently includes a Richard Perle angle. Seems Boeing placed $20 million with Perle's Trireme Partners venture capital fund. Later, Perle told the world what a great thing the $18 billion deal truly was in a WSJ op-ed.

Perle maintains the relationships between Boeing, Trireme, and the tanker deal are hermetically sealed, one from the other.

Washington, where our business is giving you the business.

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  1. Careful–Perle could still sue you in England.

  2. I think it is important to mention that both sides are involved…Senator Daschle’s wife was the lobbyist for Boeing on the deal.

  3. Seems Donald Rumsfeld was concerned about improprieties.

    “Earlier in the year, Dr. Sambur also forwarded to top Boeing executives, including James Albaugh, president of a Boeing division, copies of internal Pentagon communications outlining the Defense Department’s negotiating strategy for price, terms and conditions of the contract, the e-mail messages show. The messages were sent to Boeing in April and May, at a time when the company and the Pentagon had yet to reach an agreement.”

    I hope heads roll at the Air Force.

  4. Take it easy on Perle. I don’t think a single mistake should cancel out an entire career of providing crappy, biased intelligence analysis.

  5. Perle seems to have Mrs Clinton’s problem: public service just doesn’t pay enough

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