Smart Guns, Dumb Law


The real question, of course, is when are they going to develop smart bullets?

Manufacturer joins the state's 'smart gun' effort
By Tom Bell
Associated Press

TRENTON—Officials at the New Jersey Institute of Technology say efforts to develop a "smart gun" have taken another step forward with the addition of a weapons manufacturer as a partner.

Taurus International Manufacturing of Florida agreed last week to try to design a handgun that would incorporate technology that would allow only designated users to fire it.

Nearly a year ago, New Jersey became the first state to enact a law that will require that new handguns for sale use such technology.

Opponents of the state's smart-gun legislation, including groups that promote the rights of gun owners, said smart-gun technology was still years from the market and would be legally challenged anyway.

"This whole legislation is just waiting for hundreds of lawsuits if it does happen," said Nancy Ross, spokeswoman for the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs.

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