Libertarians for Lieberman?


Over at Tech Central Station, Arnold Kling has a good piece about how Joe Lieberman–yes, Vinegar Joe hisself!–is the most libertarian of the Democratic presidential candidates.

In the past, Lieberman has seemed receptive to the arguments for choice in social behavior as well as for choice in markets. While he made a disappointing turnabout on school choice at the Democratic Convention in 2000, he is no worse than President Bush, who waited until after the election to back away from vouchers and instead push legislation that empowered bureaucrats, not parents.

Lieberman is not the perfect candidate for libertarians, by any means. But the best candidate from an Internet/libertarian perspective is never going to be on the ballot. We have to choose from among flawed men and women. Lieberman's positions are more congenial to me than those of any other Presidential hopeful.

There's no question that Lieberman is the best free trader of the bunch (hell, he's better than Bush on that score). And he's more recently shut up about how the culture's going downhill (as befits the son of a mini-package goods magnate).

The whole thing is here and is worth a read.