RAVE-ing Liar


New at Reason: Ron Bailey takes a dose of George Ricaurte's bogus Ecstasy findings, and calls for a review of the peers.

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  1. Anyone who has worked on governemt grants (beasides the PIs, of course) will tell you that results that do not find anything will never get published, and therefore will never get funded.

    In addition, most doctors who work on grants are doing it for self-aggrandizement more than helping sick or trouble people, and most would gladly trade positive results for subjects for screwing over their competitiors for grant money.

    No wonder there’s no cure for aids or cancer. if it’s cured these extremely rich doctors would have to find some other scam to get government money.

  2. Tangential: why doesn’t Reason.com interview the guy who runs hedweb.com? Strongly recommended.

  3. I don’t know what “research assistant” is smoking, but I’ve worked in medical research too, and my impressions are distinctly different. And no, I’m not a PI. And no, I don’t think the system’s perfect.

    thanks for listening,
    a research assistant who isn’t so paranoid that he thinks that what’s holding back the cures of cancer and AIDS is those selfish greedy doctors who really don’t want anyone to get any better.

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