Dope Goes Bourgie


Oakland's medical marijuana clubs seem to be settling in as one more ordinary business:

Most businesses in the immediate area have welcomed the pot clubs, saying they've actually helped the local economy, and the Oaksterdam neighborhood is gentrifying.

That means coping with zoning restrictions and incumbents trying to raise barriers to entry… but I guess it beats "if we catch you, you'll go to jail" as a zoning restriction and "move in on my corner and I'll bust your kneecaps" as a barrier to entry. I also note that the one serious problem with these places—people trying to rob clubs (or patrons) for pot—is just a function of the fact that members of the general public still can't pick up a pack of spliffs at the local convenience store.

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  1. The comma is right next to the m on your keyboard

  2. Heh. I notice the hot dog guy down the street is thrilled to be able to capitalize on outbreaks of the munchies.

    Libertarians and the legalize/decrim. crowd on both sides of the border should also keep an eye on these two developing stories.

  3. Since they’re “Officers of the City,” then they are answerable to the City Manager, Mayor, Public Safety Chief, or whatever. No need for zoning amendments, just hand them their marching orders.

  4. john: The only thing on a blog that is more pointless than repeating the same old Republican vitriol is some putz trying to get pedantic about punctuation, spelling, or whatever.

    Share your thoughts; show us the excellence of your punctuation; awe us with the perfection of your grammar. Do all of that, but PLEASE spare us the langauge police crap.

  5. It’s language, not langauge.

  6. Anonymous as 10:37: you’re right, I definitely should have included people who point out typos among the pointless pseudo-pedants of blogworld.

  7. You’re just a pusillanimous pipsqueek, pud.

  8. Getting back to the story, in think this is great, and one more step in the right direction.

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