Blame It On Ruth Gordon


Yet another bad behavior undoubtedly inculcated by the movies (especially those featuring cartoonishly feisty old ladies):

Air Rage Granny Scrambles Fighters

MIAMI (Reuters)—Fighter jets were scrambled at Miami airport on Tuesday after an elderly woman threw a fit on an American Airlines plane and flight attendants thought she would attack them, police said.

Reports said the woman was aged between 69 and 79.

"They said old," a police spokeswoman said, adding she could not confirm her precise age.

The pilot of flight AA-2133 with 126 passengers on board announced an emergency as a precaution shortly after taking off for Caracas, and fighter jets were scrambled to escort the plane back to Miami international airport.

The plane landed safely.

Imagine what she would have done if the Medicare bill hadn't passed Congress?