A Plot to Dismantle Medicare as We Know It?


Sadly, probably not. Check out Heritage and Cato on the freshly-passed drug benefits.

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  1. Is it just my imagination, or are “expanding” and “dismantling” polar opposites?

  2. More like a plethora of bribes.

  3. What JFK did for Cuban relations and RFK did as the forerunner of Ashcroft, Teddy has done for our access to medical care.

  4. Don’t worry, by 2030 $2 trillion will buy you a happy meal.

  5. It’s just another example of sleazy politicians using other people’s money (MINE) to buy votes.

  6. R.C. Dean asked:

    “Is it just my imagination, or are ‘expanding’ and ‘dismantling’ polar opposites?”

    Not necessarily. A balloon, when being inflated, expands right up until the moment it “dismantles” itself. Trouble is, said dismantling occurs suddenly and catastrophically.

    Lessee, in the year 2030, I will be…uh…68 years old! Better start stocking up on Alpo now, for my retirement.

  7. Sorry, Chuck. That Alpo has already been designated as part of an entitlement to elderly dogs. You wouldn’t want old dogs to starve in the streets, would you?

  8. Chuck,

    In the end you’ll be better served if you start doing a series of little side jobs on a cash basis and keeping the procedes in a shoe box under your bed. Sure it wont grow anything but dust bunnies but at the end of the day you’l have 100% of what you earned.

    Not that I’m advocating tax evasion or anything.

  9. StMack,

    I’m not sure that will help. The govt is digging such a deep hole that the only way out will be to hugely inflate the money supply, and then those $50s and $100s in the shoe box will only be valuable as heating fuel. Maybe the wackos who keep insisting on buying gold have got it right after all. I think I’ll go with diamonds, though–that way I can keep my wife happy at the same time.

  10. In the end, we will be shooting welfare recipients to keep the cost of entitlement programs down.

    How many of your hard-earned tax dollars would be saved if you distributed free Jim Jones Kool-Aide and cookies at the local Food Stamp office?

    One hundred dead bodies at a (loaded) rate of about $60k/yr. That’s a savings of six million tax dollars a year.

  11. In the end, I think the last poster has it correct. This bill along with the decrease in religious belief will lead to death be a wholly approved and funded medical treatment for minor illnesses in old age.

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