Go, Ted


This is what the Bush administration has reduced me to: I'm rooting for a Ted Kennedy filibuster.

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  1. In the house vote Saturday, they were throwing around money to buy votes to the extent that $20 billion was added to the cost of this disaster by the end of the day. It’s weird rooting for Ted Kennedy but his filibuster is our only chance. (the closure vote is being conducted as I type) Doesn’t look good.

  2. It’s O.K., you’re not rooting for Ted, just rooting against Bush. Ask the libertarians for Dean how they handle the feeling.

  3. megadittos

    I’m reduced to hoping Ted Kennedy will kill the greatest welfare state boondoggle in a generation. Why should I vote for Republicans again?

  4. Mark,

    We only uncross our fingers to frequently pour very strong drinks.

  5. Part of me wants to beleive this is a Republican ploy to end medicare via bankruptcy. But I have to accept the fact that its nothing more than a bullshit attepmt to buy the votes of aging baby boomers and pay the tab with their offspring’s sweat and toil.

    Though I thoroughly disagree with his reasons and it pains me to say this – Go Teddy Go.

  6. Les: Keep ’em crossed. I’ll pour for you. And me. 🙂

  7. kennedy lieberman filibuster (how likely was that?)

    and i’m rooting for it…

    ah well… go ted go

  8. nothing more than a bullshit attepmt to buy the votes

    The entirety of Social Security and Medicare has always been nothing more than a bullshit vote market. Were this a series of funds managed by a private firm, with these results it would be bankrupt and its execs in prison. But for some reason, we put up with this because it’s our government and not a private firm. There is no reason to require people to contribute to Medicare, except to keep those strings attached to old folks and make them a voting bloc. Fewer nursing homes to visit on the campaign trail that way.

  9. dude:

    “I’m reduced to hoping Ted Kennedy will kill the greatest welfare state boondoggle in a generation. Why should I vote for Republicans again?”

    Because the reason for the filibuster is that the democrats want a much bigger program and are afraid that private competition will be the beginning of the end of the program?

    We are stuck between hoping that the republicans don’t get what they want and REALLY hoping that the dems don’t get what they want.

  10. Not that I’m a ditto …

  11. Plan for the future: Retire – wait for utter boredom to set in (about a week to 10 days) – take a very small boat and attempt circumnavigation.

  12. Name the boat “The Iceberg”

  13. The Era of Big Government is back. Except it never really left.

  14. It is indeed true that what Teddy Kennedy wants is even worse than what the GOP wants. And he’s willing to kill a bad bill because it isn’t a worse bill.

    That’s the goal of divided government. Doesn’t always work, but one can hope. Seen in that light, libertarians who vote for Dems have a plausible argument. They may be wrong in the final analysis, but they aren’t crazy. It’s a plausible idea that’s worth contemplating.

  15. “He’d probably start hallucinating about 20 hours into it…”

    More like 20 minutes, from what I’ve seen he’s already there half the time.

  16. Better would be a Robert Byrd filibuster. He’d probably start hallucinating about 20 hours into it and imagine he’s back at a klan rally.

  17. ^Looking out at all those southern conservatives in the Senate chamber, can you blame him?

  18. The Republicans control the White House, the
    Senate and the House. And this is what we get.
    They should be ashamed of their pathetic, lying

    I always wondered what it would be like to be
    around at the creation of a truly monsterous
    government boondoggle that will never go away.
    It is sort of like those moments just before a
    car accident, when you know what is going to
    happen, and that it is not going to be pleasant,
    but can do nothing to stop it.

    This whole thing is so deeply pathetic that it
    is almost beyond belief.


  19. “I’m reduced to hoping Ted Kennedy will kill the greatest welfare state boondoggle in a generation. ”

    My god, are advocating Ted commit suicide? I think that’s going way over the line, buster.

  20. Abu Hamza,

    Busted a gut laughing. I guess the way to stop a Ted Kennedy filibuster is to drag a bottle of Jameson past him on a string.

    Or maybe the Repugs could do the Animal House stunt: “Coff! Coff! KOPECHNE! Coff! Coff!”

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