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A piece in the NY Times reports that the FBI is compiling information on anti-war activists. The bureau says it's the kind of standard intelligence gathering they'd do any time groups were staging large events, but some activists are getting a bit of Cointelpro deja vu.

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  1. yeah, next thing you know some right-wing nut is going to bring up that Moscow as behind the vietnam protests.

  2. At least this kind of gummint profiling makes more sense than strip-searchin’ grannies at airports.
    Even as a peaceful anarchist antiwar inactivist, I’m a loong way from the typical commies who are more concerned that the money spent on guns coulda shoulda been spent on butter for the rifraff.
    Those scum are parasites on the antiwar movement.

  3. “The bureau says it’s the kind of standard intelligence gathering they’d do any time groups were staging large events”

    I guess they didn’t consider 9/11 a large event.

  4. Merkin

    There were only 19 active participants and the event was intended to be split between NY and DC, that’s hardly a large scale event. Although I’m sure you consider your gatherings to be quite successful if you get half that number. HA!

  5. If anything Cointelpro has been infiltrating the “anti-war” movement from the beginning. How else can you explain the retarded stupidity to 99% of the protestors?

    (Ted Rall, enjoy your paycheck from the Feds you infiltrator!)

  6. Some members of the current anti-war movement are so moronic that they must be federal employees in disguise.

  7. “..peacably to assemble to petition…”
    Without breaking any laws or disrupting the lawful business of others.

    “Civil disobediance”
    Peacably accepting arrest and sentencing to demonstrate your disagreement with a law.

    Few causes are so noble as to justify criminally interfering with the rights of others. To use violence to influence the opinion of the majority is a crime and an insult to the system we have established to redress grievances.

  8. ” Does the FBI attend and take notes on the fans?”

    only those fans that wave flags of the following:

    * Hands off Cuba
    * Death to Zionists
    * Pictures of Bush with crosshairs on his head
    * Free Mumia
    * Down with USA
    * North Korean flags
    * Baathist Iraq flag

    they also watch those that dress up like suicide bombers, those feds are reals SOBs!

  9. Gordon, I’d be quite distressed if I had a gathering attended by 9 1/2 people.

  10. If our liberty parishes, we will have the flippant attitudes of the likes of annon 8:26 to thank.

  11. Raimondo covers the situation in an interesting column at

    From the NY Times piece:
    “one F.B.I. official said: “We know that there are anarchists that are actively involved in trying to sabotage and commit acts of violence at these different events…”

    Oh right, and how many of the piece demonstrations
    were “sabotaged” by anarchists and if the FBI really new they were trying to do this, how many sabotages did they manage to thwart?

    “and we also know that these large gatherings would be a prime target for terrorist groups.”

    And this, the FBI claim that they just want to protect
    piece demonstrations from terrorists! NFL games are large gatherings. Does the FBI attend and take notes on the fans? These pretexts would be funny if they were not concerning such a threat to liberty. Let us tell our congress people that this type of government activity has no place among free people and must halt.

    “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home”
    James Madison

  12. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/26/2004 05:36:01
    Ethics is not necessarily the handmaiden of theology.

  13. EMAIL:
    DATE: 05/20/2004 01:53:56
    It’s never right to say always, and always wrong to say never.

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