Student Power


The radicalization of Bob Barr proceeds apace.

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  1. more like stupidization.

    christ on a crutch, even middle schoolers can tell you the difference between a war and a raid by the police.

    notice how he pukes out the “pre-emptive strike” meme. hopefully our kids are being taught to check out the premises behind propaganda such as this (yeah right).

    hopefully someone will write a column about how swat teams shouldn’t raid high schoolers without sinking into nonsensical comparisions.

  2. There’s no reason for SWAT teams to raid high schoolers at all.

    If the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, should be be afraid of the people and politicians who peddle that fear to the weak minded in our society?

  3. Didn’t I kick your ass at Yorktown, anon?

  4. Holy shit! is that the same Bob Barr who never met a drug warrior he didn’t like? If even he’s waking up a bit to the excesses of the WOD, maybe there really is hope.

  5. Note, however, that he thought drug-testing students was okay, although he had a problem with nicotine-testing.

  6. glad the LP got him out of power so he could undergo such a transformation

  7. Regarding the first posting: doesn’t anybody understand the concept of “figurative language” anymore? I don’t think Bob Barr literally thinks that what happened at Stratford was identical to what happened in Iraq. I’ll admit I have a personal stake in this: a couple of days ago I posted a comment comparing Bush’s ‘enemy combatants’ to Stalin’s ‘enemies of the people’ and received several insulting remarks from people who seemed to think I felt Stalin and Bush were identical twins. Yikes!

    Remember ‘newspeak’ from 1984? Remove all nuances shades of meaning from the language. Barr should have just said “Raiding Stratford High was doubleplusungood.”

  8. no, he should have argued his point (e.g. why raiding high schools is bad) instead of deliberatly obscuring the issue by invoking false memes from entierely differnt issues.

    it’s dishonesty.

  9. It’s very easy to get a high school student to hate the police. Good job, fellas.

  10. He needs to explain why raiding high schools is bad? There’s a concept in creative writing called “show, don’t tell.” In other words, don’t tell your reader that a character is bad–show the reader how he is.

    Bob Barr talked about cops coming into the school with guns drawn, forcing kids to lie prone and in handcuffs on the floor, and yet you think he needs to explain why this is bad? Didn’t he already show you? The whole thing about using Iraq war language to tell his story is basically an extended metaphor.

  11. Windminstrel,

    I’m still pissed from after Powell’s UN speech, when Barr said “loyal Americans” had a duty to given the president the benefit of the doubt when he made allegations about Iraq. What an incredibly stupid thing to say! No, by God, we DON’T have an obligation to trust the president, just because he’s wrapped up in the flag and wearing his commander-in-chief hat. We need to subject his claims to the same scrutiny as a cross-examining defense attorney, to keep from being led around by the nose.

    That being said, I respect the fact that he was a key player in the anti-Patriot coalition back before everybody else decided it was politically safe to jump on the bandwagon.

  12. Barr did vote for it, however – so the article. it’s nice to vote for it and then be against. so he’s lazy and stoopid (sic) for admitting it?

  13. Bob Barr; if you happen to read this, could you please run for president? I’m serious. The GOP desperately needs a challenge to Bush from a principled Republican with limited government values. With the hyper-growth of the state in so many realms, our economic and civil liberties are under a menacing attack. If this was happening to us under a Gore administration, by now, we would kinetic in our resistance. I realize that you would not be able to wrest the nomination, but there would still be great value in having you raise the key issues. It might well help to steer Bush in the right direction.

  14. This Bob Barr is a conservative, and as such he calls things as he sees them. The sort of dissembling and explanation that we get from the Bushies (repeated on this discussion) about why obvious encroachment on the constitutional rights of Americans don’t hold water. It is the sort of excuse-making and double-talk that we became accustomed to under Clinton. As such, any thinking conservative would speak out. Thus, we have Bob Barr and Pat Buchanan, both coming out against Bush.

    The right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure and the presumption of innocence have taken serious hits from Bush et al. The idea that only idiots and/or liberals can oppose the Bushies is a canard. It is silliness worthy of Ann Coulter or Jay Nordlinger, and simply doesn’t connect with reality.

    To explanation that the “Patriot” Act is about terrorism has already been shown to be false by the use of the new powers it gives against suspected criminals most certainly not terrorists.

    And although Jose Padilla is certainly no nice fellow, the fact that an American citizen has been denied habeas corpus, legal representation, and a fair and speedy trial should make everyone worry.

  15. Who is this “Bob Barr” and what has he done with the real Bob Barr?

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