Adam and Steve


New at Reason: Does God make civil marriages? Jacob Sullum gets an answer from the burning bush.


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  1. God did not make Adam and Steve. God made a freakin monkey.

  2. Ape, not monkey.

  3. ‘Human Events Editor Terence Jeffrey, speaking for many social conservatives, argues that marriages are “made in heaven”…’

    If that’s so, there must be a quality control problem up there, given the state of so many marriages.

  4. Please stop referring to the writers at Tech Central Station as “columnists”. TCS is a PR publication that commissions pieces at the request of paid clients.

    Calling a TCS article a “column” is akin to calling album liner notes written by a critic for pay a “review”.

  5. Thanks, Jacob, that’s a good point to make that civil marriage is quite the different beast from religious marriage. On the thread for Julian’s Wednesday Culture Wars post, that Calivinist guy accused me of lying for saying that government allows marriage rather than endorses it; he based that accusation on the grounds that the government grants licenses, oh and everyone knows it. I replied today (probably long after anyone would see it) that that’s like saying the government is endorsing fishing when it grants fishing licenses.

  6. I’m still trying to figure how much emotional capital I should put into this issue seeing as how more and more folks prefer shackin’ anyhow.

    “Ape, not minkey.”

  7. To be fair, it was God’s lil’ lemur. (I still miss the tail…)

    Koppelman, you lemur, you’re misstating the case. Tech Central Station’s funding has little to do with what the columnist write on a piece-by-piece basis. The source of funding protects the pub from traditional market pressures, pressures that might dictate an editorial change.

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