How Will It End?


I have nothing to contribute to the only story in the news at the moment, other than a fervent hope: that this will end in a low-speed chase on the 405, with Michael driving one of the go-carts from Neverland.

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  1. you read my mind. . . maybe Bubbles could be driving!

  2. wouldn’t that be a sign of the apocalypse?

  3. what do michael jackson and tuna fish have in common??

    They both come in little cans

  4. When is it bedtime at the Neverland ranch?

    When the big hand touches the little hand.

  5. Nice of the cops to give hime a chance to turn
    himself in instead of storming his vegas hotel room with SWAT teams. The REALLY dangerous people out there don’t get that opportunity; such as people growing marijuana for cancer patients in Santa Cruz. I wonder if the cops considered the possibility of him going on the lam with the help of plastic surgery; of all the people with an outstanding arrest warrant…

  6. Knowing the JEEZ-us Freak Right the way we do, you have to know that the bible beaters will us whatever strained logic to connect this with their opposition to the gay marriage issue.

    Don’t believe me? Just listen to your local conservative talk radio loud-mouth tomorrow and find out for yourself.

  7. If he?s guilty of this, I?m glad they caught him. For no particular reason, every time I see him on television, it?s bothered me that he might be getting away with something like this.

    But Oh God, I don?t think I can stand any more saturation coverage of another three-ring-circus trial. Please, Michael, if you read this, help us all by taking the plea!

    Failing that, is it wrong to hope for a suicide?

  8. God, bring back the days of booze-and-broads scandals. It’s hard to root for the underdog when they’ve all turned into vampires.

  9. “There is zero connection between pedophiles and gays.”

    I’m all for consenting adults, but think about the Catholic church & tell me you can make that statement without some hemming and hawing.

  10. All these MJ jokes are cheap shots. I love cheap shots.

    What’s MJ’s idea of a perfect 10?
    (A six and a four-year old)

    Why did MJ show up at Walmart?
    (He heard boy’s pants were half-off)

  11. if the kid gave his OK for micheal to diddle his diddle

    with the gay marriage advocates cheer?

  12. There is zero connection between pedophiles and gays. (Something about consenting adults comes to mind) I’m glad they finally caught him, it strains reality listening to the wizbangs defending him. “So he sleeps with little boys, is that wrong?” Ummm, yeah.

    Jackson released a statement that these kind of charges always seem to surface when he has just released a new CD. Well doesn’t that just figure. He thinks we will believe that this is a plot to slow sales of his new CD. Oh sure.

    We really needed this, the Peterson case is winding down and the Sniper Case is too predictable, this should provide us with ‘news coverage’ (media circus) for many news cycles.

  13. My fearless prediction: Jacko is going to skip town and take up residence in Paris, where he and Roman Polanski can go chicken-hawking together.

  14. Nah, Jacko and O’Reilly will go duck hunting.

  15. What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag? One is white, plastic, and dangerous to children; the other is for carrying your groceries home in.

  16. What is the age of consent in California?

  17. Maybe the catholic church should just let MJ in, after all he has alot in common with some of the (ex)members.

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