Another Vote for the Initiative Process


The Great L.A. Lapdance Ban Experiment was discarded yesterday, when the City Council caved to threats by club impresarios to engage in democracy.

The hasty retreat by the council comes after a well-choreographed campaign by club owners, who threatened to put lap dancing on the March 2005 ballot ? which, if approved by voters, would put regulation beyond the council's reach.


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  1. I paid my way through college and graduate school by working as an exotic dancer (East Coast, not L.A.) and nothing infuriated me more than those holier-than-thou people who wanted to save me from my exploitative $100-$400 per night job and get me into some wholesome minimum wage position. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have no idea how I would have paid for school if I hadn’t had dancing to fall back on.

  2. This ban was almost certainly sold to the City Council as a nonconrtroversial gimme, a way to boost their standing and have something to take credit for, without having to do anything hard.


  3. Few things scare politicians more than the threat of citizens exercising their own direct choice in public affairs. Initiatives (eg. the recall) are called circuses but most of the clowns are already working in the legislatures.

  4. Anon at 5:11:

    Its my lap that you were falling back on. Thanks for the memories. Glad I could help with your schoolin’!!!

  5. This news warms the cockles of my heart. And it’s nice to hear the first poster contrast her dancing income with alternative minimum-wage work. I’d never thought of it that way. Arguably, the cash that put her through school contributed to her value to society, not only by her entertainment but by what she accomplishes with a couple of degrees under her belt. Go girl.

  6. I just really like that the article referred to the attack on the lap dance ban as “well-choreographed”.

  7. I am “Anonymous 5:11, and just wanted to say:
    1. I am female
    2. No, sorry, never in DC
    3. Male exotic dancers actually get away with lots more than the female ones. I worked one summer at the enlisted club on a Virginia Naval base. We female dancers had to follow strict rules; no physical contact with the men unless we were letting them put money in our garters. The male dancers dancing for the females could basically do whatever they wanted, so long as they kept their thongs on.

    Guess which gender made more money?

  8. UUUhhh…. there are male exotic dancers, too, and there’s nothing in anon’s post that indicates what he/she is. You guys might be barking up the wrong tree (heh heh heh).

    Regardless, anon, I salute your determination to make a living and, if yous a girl, my support, too 😉

  9. Some good news at last.

    Lap-dancing is one of the great American
    contributions to world culture (although most
    of the best clubs these days are in our
    neighbor to the north).


  10. Anon

    If it was D.C. Thank you so much for the memories.

  11. The City Council here in Fayetteville, Ark. recently passed a smoking ban, refusing to refer it to a public vote. Opponents of the ban started a petition drive, but most of the signatures were thrown out on a technicality. I suspect it will eventually come up for a vote, though, and be repealed.

    The pro-ban advertising (produced by some organization called “youth camp”) was absolutely unbelievable. What a bunch of paternalists and elitists! Their propaganda compared it to a ban on peeing in the pool or a legal requirement for restaurant employees to wash their hands. But only an ass-brained liberal could believe a bunch of words in a civil code would have the magical effect of forcing people to wash their hands or stop peeing in the pool (just like those same magic words will stop people from using illegal firearms, or taking drugs).

  12. Jeff, what do you mean, these days?

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