Tryin' to FOCCUS


Interesting story on FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study) the pre-marital "couples inventory" promoted by the Catholic Church in the U.S. According to Slate's Claudia Kolker, FOCCUS is the most successful and popular of these sorts of questionnaires, and I believe it. I know four couples who have done this test… with amazing results! No word yet on whether they're devising a gay marriage version for the 2004 wedding season.


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  1. i actually just completed this thing, and was shocked and delighted by the lack of, well, tactless moral judgement i was faced with. i’m a terrible catholic, as defined by almost any standard the church would admit — but my fiance and i scored very compatibly on this test nonetheless. not at all what i expected (e.g. some version of the inquisition).

  2. my recent foray into pre-cana was an interesting excursion into a reality i haven’t been around since my childhood. it was only the last half of the last session where “don’t worry – you’ll come around again” was trotted out. most of it was fairly obvious – if discussion-provoking – nuts n’ bolts marriage talk.

  3. any place to see this thing online or do I have to have to fork over some cash to help with those lawsuit settlements?

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