Anti-Federalists Alert


From Governor Schwarzenegger's inauguration speech:

When I became a citizen 20 years ago I had to take the citizenship test. I had to learn about the history and the principals of our Republic. I know it will be hard to put aside years of bitterness. I know it will be hard to overcome the political habits of the past but for guidance let's look back in history at a period that I studied when I became a citizen. In December of 1787 delegates of the original 13 states were meeting in Philadelphia; the dream of a new nation was falling apart; divisions were deep; events were spiraling downward - merchant against farmer, big states against small, north against south. Our founding fathers knew that the fate of the union was in their hands - just as the fate of California is in our hands. What happened in that summer of 1787 is that they put their differences aside and produced the blueprint for our government, our constitution. Their coming together has been called the Miracle of Philadelphia. Now, the members of the legislature and I must bring about the Miracle of Sacramento.

Like all history, the story of the Constitutional Convention was written by the winners. Any of you Articles of Confederation fans want to contest this version? Kevin Carson, where are you? In the name of President John Hanson, speak!