Would I Sell Haggah To A Slayer Such As You?


New at Reason: On Inauguration Day, Matt Welch considers how Arnold's self-love could solve California's dilemma.

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  1. My sense is that most Talking Heads (from all sides) are eager to see him fail. That represents less of a challenge to their world view than acknowledging in addition to being an actor, bodybuilder, and egomaniac, he might also be a popular leader.

  2. Pretty damn feeble of Welch to rip on the physical well-being of Ventura. That bullshit “bobble-head” comment was an unnecessary low blow.

  3. Conan! What is best in life!

    Recall your eneimes, see them thrown out of office, and here the lanmentations of the Democrats!

  4. anon 10/25:

    I think you take your big honkin’ steel sword and use it to gut the guy who asked the question.

    Riddle solved.

  5. Well, he cut a tax his first day in office. That alone makes him better than almost all the Democrat office holders in my own and probably my father’s lifetimes. God, I’m turning into such a goddamn crank.

  6. Yeah, he cut a tax – and increased the California deficit by $4 billion. Next a junk bond issue.

    Fiscally conservative?

  7. Look, Gadfly, I lived for years in Maryland, where they tax just about everything short of anal sex. I’ve driven countless times across the river to Virginia, which has a significantly lower tax burden. I really don’t think I could come up with one thing that’s better because of government spending in Maryland than in Virginia. Maybe some of the gang here who still live back there can think of something, but my massive throbbing brain just draws a big zero on that question.

    Whether or not Arnold can pull California out of the LaBrea tar pits is an open question, but if you think charging $1200 for a car registration is in any way a good idea, why not just send all your money to the government?

  8. Reminds me of Jesse’s first act when he became guv of Minnesota. He was pissed because he had to pay through the nose to register his new Porsche so his first act was to cut the license tax. It totally fucked the highway maintenance budget, for which the state now has to issue bonds.

    Why pay for it now when you can borrow it and let your grandkids pay for it?

  9. “I lived for years in Maryland, where they tax just about everything short of anal sex.”

    Do the denizens of Dupont Circle know they’re missing this tax break?

    In fact, Doug, I’d have to say that there are few things in Virginia which aren’t better than in Maryland. (Full disclosure: native Virginian, albeit born in D.C. and thus forever disqualified in the eyes of some.)

    Of course, there is much to be bemoaned about the People’s Republic of Arlington, but at least they haven’t tried to outlaw tobacco (yet) like suburban Maryland.

    Feel free to immigrate or, as Yankees would prefer to hear me phrase it, “Y’all come on down, y’hear?”

  10. Sooooo, um, what IS the answer to the Riddle of Steel?

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