People Believed Robinson Crusoe, Too


Here's the latest evidence that eBay has become a storytelling medium.

(The auction site in question—realistic enough to fool The Wall Street Journal—is partially reproduced here.)

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  1. The Black Thing, eh? Reminds me of the old Phil Harris ditty: “You’ll never get rid of the (BOOM BOOM BOOM) no matter what ya do…”

  2. My favorite cult movie is “Invasion of the Bee Girls”. I couldn’t find it at any video store, so I bought a tape on e-bay. That’s the only thing I’ve bought on e-bay so far, but I’m glad it’s there.

  3. Absolutely! Ebay is a great site. More than that, it’s a brave new world. The fact that it functions as a new artistic medium is just a bonus. It’s a great market, a vast improvement on the garage sale and second hand shope. I also think PayPal is great asset to mankind as well.

    Amazon and Ebay the dot-com survivors.


  4. I’ve gotten all kinds of great music and related items on Ebay. I’ve had limited success selling on Ebay.

  5. I saw that ebay listing about a month ago. Hilarious. In my mind, anything that pokes fun at Beanie Baby collectors is a good thing…

  6. For me, Ebay is nothing more than an amusement. A game I play when I’m too bored to channel surf.

    Other than that I see it as an outlet for pathetic souls for whom a mailbox full of catalogs and the home shopping are just not enough.

  7. Not everybody who shops on eBay is pathetic. I use the service to add to my collection of antique stereograph cards, which cannot be found in any catalogs. Also, when I want to get rid of junk, I can either sell it for a quarter at a yard sale or put it up on eBay. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much money I’ve made.

    That being said, I have NEVER EVER bought a Beanie Baby.

  8. it’s also a great place to pick up cds and lps on the cheap, now that the stock market boom is over and everyone’s liquidating their collections.

    there is some shit on ebay, however, that even the rattiest sidewalk sale wouldn’t touch.

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