You Move It to the Right


If conservatives can't claim W., will Keith Richards do instead?

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  1. I have to confess that “Harlem Shuffle” is one of only five or so post?Some Girls Stones tracks that I like. If Nick’s to punish me, my greater crime is linking to that goofy Spectator article in the first place.

  2. It’s true libertarians need constant jabbing so they won’t be too politically correct when it comes to referring to conservatives.
    To a libertarian a conservative is like that old aunt Ross Perot kept in his attic.

  3. Ruthless? As in Ruth Buzzy?

    And to conservatives, libertarians are like the townspeople in “Mad Max”….generally on the same side but not really doing too much to help, i.e., when they don’t show up for Johnny the Boy’s arraignment.

  4. But what are Keith’s positions on fiscal restraint, free trade, and federalism?

  5. best 5 post-Some Girls tracks?

    1. Slave
    2. Waiting on a Friend
    3. Worried ’bout You
    4. Undercover of the Night
    5. um, Sad Sad Sad?

    I think Undercover of the Night addresses free trade issues with Latin America.

  6. ahh — the good old days of small government Clinton — if we could only have him back…no really — some people think some libertarians are nuts for supporting Howard Dean — but really — we can imagine President Dean growing the size of government under 12% a year, not killing as many people, respecting civil liberties a bit more — well the leseer of two evils eh?

  7. Bush and Richards used to freebase together.

  8. if the LP were able to remake itself (if that is possible) and present well groomed candidates that look, talk, and act like what americans expect in a leader, what percent of votes do you think they could get? How about if they start pounding away at the dems and the republicans by approaching them as if they are just 1 party? Also, if they were smart and presented themselves as the conservative economics, and social liberals, how many normally non-voter types could they get?

  9. Shepherd’s pie, iced tea and Louis Armstrong signify Conservatism. Got it.

    I’d better let Billy Childish know.

  10. Pass the salt, I need a few grains.


  11. Gillespie: Jesse Walker should somehow be punished for referencing “The Harlem Shuffle.” Goddamnit, I’m gonna have that “melody” (if it can be so called) in my head all day.

  12. What the hell, if he’s going to be 60 he might as well start perfecting his jolly old fart routine. If there has to be a national geezer, I’d take him over Bob Hope any day.

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