International Smokers' Enclave


Turns out the Birchers were wrong. The U.N. is actually an oasis of freedom.


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  1. This is all too telling of the corruption of immunity. Good for them. Smoke it up…I wonder though, when the delegation from Marrakesh will be lighting up their home grown brand of Camels?

  2. So what is to keep ambassadors from smoking in the elevators? “Peer pressure and the good sense of all concerned,”…

    …Invigorates my optimism that people can work stuff out in the absence of Authority.

  3. It’s unfortunate Republicans like Mayor Bloomberg, John Ashcroft, Tom Ridge and the majority of the GOP favor “gestapo police authority” over “free-market personal responsibility liberty.”

    One more reason to vote Libertarian.

  4. Has Homeland Security been notified about this violation?

  5. JD in fairness to the GOP, Bloomberg is a Republican in the same way that Clark is a Democrat.

  6. In other smoking ban news, all is not peaches and cream in Montgomery County (DC suburb) with it’s recent ban:

    I can’t imagine it will be getting any better as winter rolls around.

  7. Cry, cry, cry all you want. The navel gazers at Washington Post clearly didn’t use Lexis/Nexis to pull up any of the hundreds of identical articles written shortly after the California ban went into place…or they might have elected to shelve such a banal and predictable piece of lefty afterwank. Nor did they choose to cast a statistically meaningful eye on the outcomes of sad-sack whiner Uncle Jed’s analogs here in Schwarzenegger land. After all, the decimation of the bar and restaurant industry has yet to happen, almost three years after our ban took effect.

    There’s a huge difference between the argument against smoking bans and articles that focus on the obvious 5-minute after effects of such bans. Given this gulf, why, exactly, are we talking about Montgomery County’s problem? To quote the libertarian platform, “just move.”

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