Bayonne Bleeder: "Basta!"


After 27 years of seeing the Rocky franchise rake in cash, Chuck Wepner, who went the distance with Muhammad Ali back in Old '75, wants a piece of the action. I'm not sure what the greater danger is now: That Joe Frazier, who pioneered the running-up-the-steps routine at the Philly Art Museum, will decide his ringside cameo in Rocky I wasn't enough payback; or that Wepner will realize somebody also ripped off his later career as an exotic dancer/welder/ballerina.


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  1. In the scene where Stallone reaches the top of the steps of the art museum and is jumping around, you can see my apartment building in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I should sue him for using my place of residence in Rocky without my permission. It makes as much sense as this lawsuit. Then I’m going to sue him for Over the Top and that movie he did with Dolly Parton. Just because.

  2. over the top is so good.
    rhinestone, however…

  3. Are you sure it isn’t Kenneth Clean-Air System who’s actually suing? This guy must have about that much brains.

  4. Philadelphia needs to tear down that statue of “Rocky”, and build a Joe Frazier statue in its place.

  5. How about “Mouse” Strauss?

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