Soros v. Bush


The bazillionaire financier and international do-gooder redoubles his efforts to kick George W. Bush out of the White in 2004. Reports the Wash Post:

"It is the central focus of my life," Soros said, his blue eyes settled on an unseen target. The 2004 presidential race, he said in an interview, is "a matter of life and death."

Soros, who has financed efforts to promote open societies in more than 50 countries around the world, is bringing the fight home, he said. On Monday, he and a partner committed up to $5 million to, a liberal activist group, bringing to $15.5 million the total of his personal contributions to oust Bush.

Overnight, Soros, 74, has become the major financial player of the left. He has elicited cries of foul play from the right. And with a tight nod, he pledged: "If necessary, I would give more money."

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Update: Forgot to plug Reason Contributing Editor Charles Oliver's trenchant critique of Soros's recent book, titled (what else?) Soros on Globalization.