Artistic Yearnings


Art News Online provides a window into the world of the super-rich who collect art in this article detailing "The Ten Most Wanted Works of Art" (number one is Brancusi's "Bird in Space") and the buying habits of gazillionaires.

Are the rich different than you and me? Ask the guy with the really expensive dildo hanging in his private bathroom:

It took Michigan collector Gilbert Silverman more than a decade to track down a work that he first saw hanging from the ceiling at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York a dozen or so years ago.

?I thought, ?Boy, that would be a neat thing to get,?? recalls Silverman. When a dealer recently called Silverman to tell him she had found the unique work he?d been looking for, Silverman replied, ?Well, that?s half the battle.?

Silverman still had to convince his wife to allow him to acquire the work: a bronze double dildo by Lynda Benglis. (He won?t say what he paid for it.) ?Initially she said ?Forget it.? She didn?t want it hanging in the office,? says Silverman. ?But we have separate bathrooms. And she said I could hang it in mine.?

[Thanks to Arts & Letters Daily]