New Frontiers in Private Surveillance


Reader "Jean Bart" passes along a Louisville Courier-Journal story about War-Line, a group that videotapes people as they enter porn shops or nudie bars and then posts their pictures on the Web. Kind of like one of those voyeur sites, except it's for folks who don't approve of voyeur sites.


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  1. drf,

    Yeah, but think of the possibilities now that you mention it: they want to be visible “fighting the good fight” and whatnot. I’d pay good money to see a cock-fight. Well, a couple of dicks smacking each other around at any rate 😉

  2. WLC:

    this would be an excellent edition of Maximum Extreme Elimination Challenge on the Guys’ Network!



    This appears to be this “moral” crusaders picture from the Kentucky sex offender database.

    If I’m right, he’s also the person mentioned in several cKentuck court cases, Reneer vs. Commonwealth and vice versa.

    “”In Reneer v. Commonwealth, Ky., 784 S.W.2d 182 (1990), the Court excluded evidence of a sexual relationship which allegedly existed between the sodomy victim and the perpetrator one month before the attack. The Court found that “key elements” in ruling to admit evidence of a previous sexual relationship were whether there were other direct witnesses and physical evidence in addition to the testimony of the victim. Since the Reneer case had two witnesses who testified that the victim did not consent, the Court held that the evidence of the previous sexual relationship was “neither material nor relevant to consent.” Reneer, at 183.””

  4. Brendan Perez,

    He’s likely the sort of person who self-flagellates themselves for “bad thoughts.”

  5. The devil made me do it.

  6. Oh, the agonies of being unwed with ill-fitting clothes! Is this available on DVD?

  7. Damn. Wrong forum.

  8. I like to hide cameras in churches and do the same thing. Then I turn the footage over the the pastor to let him know who’s sleeping, talking, eating, not paying attention, coming in late or leaving early.

    God may or may not see everything, but the camera sure as hell does.

  9. Am I the only one who finds it a little strange that these people have a bigger problem with pictures of naked people than the fact their leader is a convicted sex offender?

  10. sacre bleu!

    fromage bleue!

    at least this reneer fellow is doing it for the children. or did he do it with children?

    there are some strange overzealots out there.

    from sex offender lists to porn shop snooping, this story makes you wanna wash yer hands!

    happy thursday,

  11. If “War-Line” members want to role-play, I’ll buy them a copy of Advanced Squad Leader or some such. Less socially annoying.

  12. hey WLC:

    if they get too into the role playing, can’t you see the dangers of them fighting over who gets to be the dwarf and who gets to be the archmage? and would leather armor be considered too naughty for them?

    “less socially annoying” — immitating body noises in crowded, enclosed areas? (thanks to Bloom County for inspriation for that one)


  13. I can back the idea of a war on rape. However, this man’s background and his tactics are way out of step. TO wage war on rape through pornography, this guy needs to understand the differnce between use and abuse, marital aid and deviant sickness. Because he fell into the latter group, it doesn’t mean all share his sickness.

    These moral crusaders tend to blur the line between actually helping and downright psychotic sickness!

  14. Reminds me of a story about a busy body reporting to her minister that a parishioner must be a drunk because she saw his car parked in front of a bar all day.
    When she got up the next morning, she saw that her minister’s car had been parked in front of her house all night.

  15. Its interesting, in Europe pornography isn’t legislated like it appears to be in the U.S.; its much more open to it.

    Yet, rape is not as common per capita as I recall as it is in the U.S. where crusades against rape are common.

    Of course we also don’t tend to have the same teen-pregnancy rate as the U.S.; though we have educational systems that encourage the use of condoms and the like.

  16. i thought it was understood that moral crusading is a psychotic sickness. 🙂

    as usual, such jackasses create an uptick for the porno shop. maybe this will push it towards more couples business, and drift off in the direction of the more healthy (imo) “sex-positive” female friendly joints that you find in larger cities, like toys in babeland.

    at least, one can hope. “traditional” sex shops give me the creeps. yet one with books by annie sprinkle make even giant speculums seem ok.

  17. “Pornography creates callous attitudes toward women, promotes casual sex and violence against women.”

    So gay porn is A-OK then?

  18. “Pornography creates callous attitudes toward women, promotes casual sex and violence against women”

    Felt the same about fundemental evangelicals. Casual and missionary are interchangeable in my opinion.

  19. Oh yeah, the web site looks scary, but this has nothing at all to do with censorship or some kind of moral crusade.

    Consider the facts: (1) There is no evidence that War-Line is more than one guy. (2) That guy is a convicted sex offender and murderer. (3) His entire protest is against only one peep shop. (4) About half his pictures are of shop employees.

    This is one guy’s grudge against one place, played out as moral theater to boost his self-importance.

    The really scary stuff is buried:

    Are you a nude/bikini dancer and want to quit? Contact us. Thinking of becoming a nude/bikini dancer? Contact us before you make the final decision.

    This is a convicted sex offender and murder asking high-risk women (dancers) and potentially vulnerable women (prospective dancers) to get in contact with him. Do you think he wants to help them?

    It gets worse:

    Are you thinking about sexually assaulting or raping someone? Call us. You can call anonymously. We will never know who you are, but we can talk together.

    Yes, I’m sure he’d love to discuss sexual assault with his fellow predators…

  20. Mark is right; that asshole is simply working out his anti-social sexual “compulsions” in a novel manner.He is clearly still utterly obsessed with sex.

    Nutcases like that cannot imagine sexually functional, non-predatory people wishing to avail themselves of the products those stores sell. Too bad for him; there is satisfaction to be found out here.

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