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The Daily Show is justifiably pimp-slapping "real" cable news channels like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC among the 18-49 demographic. I might watch Crossfire or Fox for entertainment, but when I want "serious" news analysis, I tune in Jon Stewart. TDS's satire is more insightful than what you'd get from a whole prattle of pundits on any given day. (Hat tip: Atrios)

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  1. explains a lot

    arrogant yes, but at least you are honest about your ignorence

  2. Yep; I feel it’s always best to advertise one’s “ignorence.”

  3. lol — irony. or is it “ireny”?

    it does say a lot that the onion and the daily show are two of the more reasonable “news” outlets available (present company excepted, of course).

  4. “Daily Show’s” first question to Joycelan Elders:
    “So you grew up on a cucumber farm…”

    Good stuff

  5. Justin,

    Si les cerveaux ?taient de l’essence, ils ne seraient pas suffisants pour faire tourner un
    kart de fourmis ? l’int?rieur d’un beignet.

    Translation: If brains were gasoline, he wouldn’t have enough to run a piss ant’s go-kart around the inside of a donut.

  6. Is “pimp-slap” preferred over “bitch-slap” in conventional usage?

  7. Jiggy-san, hear me now: NO MORE SOUND EFFECT HEADERS.

    Thanc yoo.

  8. Seinfeld reruns beat them all.

  9. Jean Bart,

    That is the most complicated metaphor I’ve ever heard. You shouldn’t use it.

  10. Speaking of the Onion, I think the LP snuck in a staff writer.


  11. seinfeld? are you high?

    i think seinfeld is only funny for people who aren’t in contact with uptown manhattanites on a regular basis. for me, seinfeld isn’t a show, it’s an enemies list. “)

  12. I’ve never been to Manhattan, and I think “Seinfeld” is one of the gems of late-20th-century pop culture. Almost as good as The Simpsons.

  13. Julian, is that your onomatopoetic interpretation of the Daily theme? I wonder if Mr. Mould would approve.

  14. The Daily Show was better with Craig.

  15. Beth Littleford was the best Daily Show host i’ve seen.

  16. Dave-
    I don’t know, but I’ll ask him–he DJs most Saturday nights here in DC. (Yeah, that’s right, he’s spinning techno these days…)

  17. The Daily Show was funnier when they had Craig Kilborn. “Kathy Lee said faster…Cody wants a pony.” Classic stuff.

  18. Good Onion link, Mo. The Onion has been a bit stale of late, with every front page headline being an oh-so-predictable, semi-humorous Bush-bash (I don’t like Bush much myself, mind you, but I get tired of lame retreads).

    And yes, The Daily Show, while plenty funny now, was better with Craig Kilborn. Stewart’s a bit too warm-n-fuzzy, and he’s always snickering to himself like Harvey Korman. He conducts a good interview, though.

  19. “Beth Littleford was the best Daily Show host i’ve seen”

    she was indeed hilarious.

  20. Craiggers was too frat-boy funny. I don’t think The Daily Show would have lasted if he’d stayed on as host. Not that I don’t enjoy frat-boy humor, but take a look at the Craig Kilbourne Show on late night CBS. That’s were The Daily Show would be if he was host.

    Jon Stewart, even if he does laugh at himself, brings some intelligence and irony to the show. His style of humor drives the writers of the show towards the witty skewering of public figures and their policies in a way that Craiggers couldn’t because he too much of a pretty boy. 🙂

  21. Funny comments about Kilborn, since Jon was the writer at the time, Kilborn was just reading Jons work on the screen.

    But if it was mindless fart jokes and bullshit ‘special interest’ stories that only made fun of middle america that catches your fancy, then I guess Kilborn was more up your alley.

    But it seems that late night viewers seem to want something different, something a little more intelligent, something thats not too Dave, and not too Jay, not too Conan and definately something thats not Kilborn. Which, explains why Jon is whooping up on all of them.

    And Kilborn never recieved an Emmy either, and for that matter, had he stayed with TDS, they would have never won the Emmy either.

  22. I find it a bit sad that, during the run up to the Iraq War, there was more serious questions (via sarcasm and wit) asked on a comedy show then on any of the major media news networks.

  23. Mindless fart jokes always kill

  24. The difference between Stewart and Kilborn is that Kilborn was ALL irony. He was always in character, as the Ted Baxter blowdried, blowhard anchor.

    Stewart is usually playing it straight, giving his own opinions — and jokes, of course — not satirizing a jackass anchor stereotype. Watching the show, you get the feeling you know him.

    Both styles have their strength, but I like Stewart better. I think Kilborn’s real personality is so vacant it was hard to tell when he was kidding.

  25. Um… The Daily Show has 640,000 viewers. Fox News has 527,000.

    And the Tonight Show has 5,800,000.

    The Daily Show is funny, but (as expected) it doesn’t take a serious view of the news. Nor is Stewart afraid to Moore(*) around with the truth a little if it makes for funnier analysis. He’s certainly more cynical than Fox or CNN, but I prefer to home-brew my cynicism rather than buy the prepackaged mass-market kind. 🙂

    The Daily Show’s ratings are explained by the fact that, in general, Americans vastly prefer entertainment to news unless there’s some immediate crisis going on. For an analysis of who people really go to for news, it would be better to compare ratings during a crisis period (9/11, the early days of the Iraq invasion, the 2000 election debacle, etc). My guess is that, during the war, even MSNBC’s pathetic ratings were higher than Stewart’s.

    (*) or “Limbaugh” around with the truth, if you prefer.

  26. What really sucks is that I pick up that damn Tonight Show with my rabbit ears but don’t come close to ever getting the Daily Show. One day, I will be able to afford cable to get the real news so I can get off Tom Brokaw and Jay Leno!

    When that happens Dan, it will be 5,799,999 viewers for the Tonight Show.

  27. By the way, I am saving my money so this voter can get informed with InDecision: 2004!

  28. Dan – I prefer “Dowd” around with the truth. Or perhaps “Blair.”

  29. CNN, Fox, etc. don’t want 18-49, they want 25-54 or older…

  30. Yeah, TDS was better with A. Whitney Brown and Brian Unger.

  31. Maybe someone here can provide some clarification. Recently, TDS did a segment on the Santa Cruz CA city council resolution to ask congress to look into impeaching Bush. The establishing locale shot, however, was State Street in Santa Barbara CA. I would have thought it were a mistake, had Gray Davis not warned Gov-elect Arnold S. to avoid in any public speech the phrase “Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, what’s the difference?” in a Late Show with Letterman Top 10 list a few nights before.

    Did anyone else catch this apparent TDS gaffe? Was it deliberate, and if so, could anyone tell me about the source/point of the joke?

  32. Cripes, Merritt, you really take your comedy seriously.

  33. Hal E. Burton (or was it Dick “Yankin’ My” Cheney?) says, “Cripes, Merritt, you really take your comedy seriously.”

    I just want to understand the joke, is all. I live in Santa Cruz and lived long enough in Santa Barbara to recognize it when I saw it (at least to know that it wasn’t Santa Cruz!). So either TDS did goof up, or they were making a joke. They’re so sly that I have to assume the latter, but I don’t understand the context, so don’t even know what I should be laughing at. Take my confusion, please! (Ba-DUM-pum-crash)

  34. I think Tom Green would be a great Daily Show interviewer. Green to elderly couple on their fiftieth anniversary: “Did you have slaves back then?”

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