25 Years Ago in Reason


"It should be clear that, far from the cry of the tax-consuming hordes against Proposition 13, cutting taxes will not cause a depression; it will rather cause living standards to spurt."

— Christopher P. Weber, "Slashing Taxes Is Good for What Ails Us"

"Cued by the media, the people are focusing their rebellion on a single target: taxes. And into this rebellion is going all the frustration of years of living with government that seems…like an uncontrollable cancerous growth."

— Derek Brownlee, "Seizing the Day"

"Rhodesia's new biracial government has outlawed racial discrimination by hotels, restaurants, and other 'public places.' 'The new law does not affect [state-owned] hospitals, state schools, or segregated [by law] urban housing areas,' says AP."

— Bill Birmingham, Brickbats

"If we make it difficult or costly for employers to discharge incompetent or lazy people… then we also make employers reluctant to hire those with anything but the best credentials and work records. This is not a promising way of helping young high-school dropouts."

— Alan Reynolds, "Unemployment: Causes and Cures"