Cincy Gets Tabloid; Indy, Louisville Next


The Gannett newspaper chain has caught the free, youth-oriented tabloid fever that is leading to the first real expansion of the daily newspaper market in at least four decades. Link via Romenesko.


NEXT: Poor Map-Reading Skills

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  1. I haven’t seen this thing yet.

    Most depressing tidbit: I’m close to the outside edge of ‘youth-oriented’.

  2. I liked the NPR story on the Romensko hyperlink…

    ” * Third, “opinion” is not what NPR is about. NPR is — and should be seen to be — about providing fact-based reporting. Opinions and commentaries on NPR newsmagazines are always provided by non-NPR journalists or other outsiders. This is as it should be. Other media may make their reputations on providing strong opinions. But this has not been part of NPR’s mission.”

    God, I love NPR…

  3. Remember, NPR stands for National Proletariat Radio…

  4. I can imagine Bob Edwards reading that, god, I’m falling asleep already.

  5. Maybe this will put a cold washcloth on the foreheads of you various snoozing bloggers going on about NPR.
    These little “goody-two-shoes” free news magazines will put out of business the glossy magazines that every major city has… the ones that originated with the Chamber of Commerce.
    Those snoozers–the ragazines–needed euthanizing anyhow.

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