…And Then Nazis Stole the Ark!


The long rumored fourth installment of Indiana Jones will have to work to top this real-life adventure in the jungles of Guatemala. The priceless Mayan artifact was saved, but note the part the drug trade plays in the tale. Another cost the Drug War imposes on the world.

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  1. So I guess those rumors I heard about “Indiana Jones: The Nursing Home Years” were wrong, huh?

  2. I don’t think they were wrong. I saw Harrison Ford on one of those awful late night talk shows recently & he appeared to be teetering on the brink, if indeed he hasn’t completely lost his mind. Maybe the skinny chick isn’t feeding him enough, or she’s keeping him from getting enough sleep, but there seemed to be some definite nerve damage on display.

  3. Mr. Ford’s twitteryness is the least of our problems. After seeing what Lucas has done to the Star Wars franchise and Spielberg’s A.I., I don’t think any of these guys should be allowed within fifty feet of a brown fedora.

  4. “…nazis? i hate those guys…”

    “why’d it have to be snakes..”

    two of the best lines from cinematic history. also on the list was the police chief’s um “girlfriend” in ruthless people ha ha.


  5. “…stole our dates” from animal house.

    that’s also good

  6. This one will sink faster than Temple of Doom.

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