Son of a Beach


The southern California town of Solana Beach has outlawed smoking on its 1.4 miles of sand and surf, reports the AP.

The ban, which follows similar laws in Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, is a logical, if disheartening extension of the anti-smoking crusade. What's most interesting about it is its backers:

The ban in the northern San Diego County town of 13,000 people was prompted by a group of high school students, who first asked the city to declare September a nonsmoking month on the beaches and in parks, then pushed for a permanent ban.

High schoolers calling for an end of vice? In what may end up being a weird version of the '60s generation-gap flick Wild in the Streets, the young leaders of tomorrow may well be harrumphing puritans hell-bent on bringing boozing, smoking, drugging middle-agers to heel.