Spin the Spinner and Call the Shots


Berkeley's tele-presence project has a new experiment: Tele-Twister, with games being played every Friday at noon PST:

This version, "Tele-Twister" is a game designed for the Internet. As in the original, the game is played with human bodies(the twisters), but in this version you get to play along and direct their moves from the comfort of your computer. As a player, you log in and are automatically assigned to either the Red or Blue team. You view and play from your computer screen. You see two twisters (real humans), one dressed in red, the other in blue. They respond to moves chosen by the Red and Blue online teams. Your team chooses moves for the twisters (eg, "right hand YELLOW") using a Java-based online interface.

I'm not sure how it advances the body of scientific knowledge, but if you're interested, the game starts in about five minutes. Instructions here, login here.