Cuba, a Little More Libre


Hey Elian, cheer up! If this latest Senate vote on trade with Cuba is any indication, you and your loving dad may finally get to travel to the U.S. some time before you reach retirement age.

The Financial Time reports:

Congress is set for a clash with the White House over US policy towards Cuba after the Senate voted on Thursday to bar the administration from enforcing the ban on travel to Cuba.

The vote comes less than two weeks after President George W. Bush (news - web sites) vowed a crackdown on violations of the 40-year-old travel ban as part of a renewed effort to undermine the regime of Fidel Castro (news - web sites), the Cuban president.

But the 59-36 Senate vote, which mirrors legislation already passed by the House, could force Mr Bush into the first veto of his presidency if he is to maintain the tighter restrictions on Cuba.

A majority in Congress has become increasingly disenchanted with the US effort to isolate Cuba, saying it has failed to weaken the Castro regime but has hurt US farmers and businesses.

The end of the U.S. embargo can't come too soon. Though for many, including Elian Gonzales' mother and all the others who have died fleeing Castro's tropical terror regime, it will have come too late.

Mark Falcoff's useful Cuba the Morning After looks at what's likely to happen after Castro finally kicks the bucket. And Foreign Policy's latest ish (not on the Web yet, alas) looks at post-dictator scenarios in Cuba, Belarus, and elsewhere.