Spy Cam Ban


Reader JSM points me to a story about a gym in Seattle that has prohibited cell phones, for fear that the cameras frequently attached to them will be misused in the locker room. I'm not one for institutionalized exercise myself, but I gather that such bans have become rather common, both here and abroad.

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  1. Hopefully cell phone bans will remain with the gym and not legislation. But, it only takes that one embarrassing pic of a law maker to throw it all out the window.

    As a thought, maybe its time for the world to shed clothes in public on a regular basis to take the “sex” out of plain nudity.

  2. People need to get over themselves.


  3. This can be a problem in L.A.

    At the two gyms I have gone to, I would have been able to get pics of Justin Timberlake, Henry Waxman Greg Siff, Seann William Scott, Norm and Dan from the Real World and others. I am surprised my gym hasn’t banned them yet!

    (One name on that list just sticks out, doesn’t it?!?)

  4. JSM,

    Yeah, that’s the first thing that popped into my head, too. Mobile phone cameras are taking the video revolution a step further, and making things like the Rodney King footage an even more likely threat for the average brutal thug in uniform. I wouldn’t put it past them to work up some kind of “public safety” angle in lobbying for a ban.

  5. Good point, Kevin.
    Didn’t it become illegal in some parts of the country to video cops without their knowledge?

    If Monica Lewinsky had this technology, I would wager it would have been more than a stained dress she would have been saving!

  6. “As a thought, maybe its time for the world to shed clothes in public on a regular basis to take the “sex” out of plain nudity.”

    Would certainly speed up boarding an airplane.

  7. Madog, you realize that’ll never happen, yes? World World III and the annihilation of the species will occur before anyone on this planet becomes a highly-functional Homo technicus.

    As for the subject at hand, Robert sums it up.

  8. Cell phone camera owners should adopt the battle cry of the gay community: We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it!

    It would be: We’re here! We’re invasive! Get used to it!

  9. So does that mean there is also a ban on cameras?

  10. Makes you wonder what they’ll do in 30 years when your eye implants are constantly connected to your home database, recording and analysing everything you see…

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