First Father of Booze


George Washington is back in the business of whiskey making, reports the Associated Press:

George Washington's estate on the Potomac River hasn't been home to a working distillery for about two centuries, but that changed Tuesday as whiskey makers recreated the father of the country's popular recipe.

"For me, it's like standing on hallowed ground," Jim Beam master distiller Jerry Dalton said as he took a break from preparing the 18th century recipe to survey the scene, three miles from the main house where Washington lived from 1754 until he died in 1799.

"George Washington, he was the one that won the Revolutionary War. He was the first president," [whiskey-seller Jack Lynch] said. "It helps put into perspective that there's nothing wrong with the distilling process."

No wonder Geo. was first in the hearts of his countrymen. Next up: A signature line of dentures?

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