I got all effusive over stats site NationMaster a while back, noting that it would be even cooler if they added code to allow users to plot correlations between any of the hundreds of statistics they track. Well, they just added that feature… I think I may have to subscribe.


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  1. Poli Sci wonks get their own version of sabermetrics!!

  2. Holy shit… Look at the US’s external debt compared to the rest of the world.

    I was surprised when I read in the economist that they were willing to publish that gold could go to $3400 / oz. I thought that’s ridiculous and thought I might have been reading the Daily reckoning and their perpetual armageddon goonbabble. I am no economist, and I know there are many other factors to look at, but after seeing that though the future couldn’t be that bright.

  3. And the US and Russia lead the world in locking people up … go figure.


  4. The external debt looks a lot less ominous when viewed in terms of per capita external debt. In that category Iceland is the big winner

  5. Wow, that site goes in my boomarks! Enough stats to spend the rest of the year avoiding work 🙂

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