Deny Them Your Essence


Rummy's very own Gen. Jack D. Ripper says he'll ix-nay the A-tan-say talk.

But, by God, as for fluoridation…….

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  1. if this doesn’t work, you’re gonna have to answer to the coca cola company.

    we have to defend our precious bodily fluids.

    –Col. Bat Guano for Group Captain Mandrake.

  2. Purity of Essence…

    The commies, er Satan’s minions are coming.

    Excuse me whilst I shiver.


  3. “You can’t fight in here, this is the War room.”

    Jesus – doesn’t that sound EXACTLY like something Dub-ya would say…

  4. Looney, disreputable stuff to be sure. But I’m not sure this should be a firing offense.

    The scandal here is that the administration thought this guy belonged in such an important position in the first place.

  5. I don’t get it. Sounds to me like he was just towing the company line.

    Don’t all the Bushies take their marching orders directly from the man upstairs? “Axis of evil” anyone? Hellooooooo

  6. I don’t think Condi has ever claimed to have a photo of Satan, however.

  7. Is there a link where we can see the general’s complete remarks, not just selected quotations?

  8. I find it hysterical that anyone could believe putting these quotes in context would improve them. I can’t find the full texts, but here are lengthy (multiparagraph long) excerpts:

  9. Linking terrorists with Satan might play among Muslims.

    The outrage is implying that Muslims in general are idolaters.

    I’ve often wondered if our leaders are really that stupid, or if a religious war is what they really want.

  10. Thank you very much for the link, Jack. It was very helpful.

    “I find it hysterical that anyone could believe putting these quotes in context would improve them.”

    I had no idea whether putting the quotes in context would improve them. I simply wanted to know what the context was so that I could make up my mind for myself. I find it hysterical that anyone would not only be satisfied with a few quotes cited by the mainstream media, but would mock someone who wanted to get the full story.

  11. In another article, the general is described as “uniquely qualified” to “combine intelligence with special operations” to hunt down terrorist leaders presumably hiding in Muslim communities. But his quoted remarks suggest he doesn’t know the first thing about Islam.

    Something’s not right.

  12. Gene, I find it hysterical because the pull quotes are so insane that the surrounding text couldn’t possibly be any better. (As the longer quotes amply prove.) It would be like seeing a single sentence quote from Alfred Rosenberg calling Slavs “bestial subhumans” and then saying, “Yeah, sure it looks bad, but maybe it’s out of context.”

  13. “Looney, disreputable stuff to be sure. But I’m not sure this should be a firing offense.”

    While in uniform, he made speeches clearly undermining the administration’s foreign policy objectives (i.e. convincing the Muslim world that this is not a war on their religion). If that’s not a firing offense, I don’t know what is. (Incidentally, why is Rumsfeld still on the gov’t payroll?)

  14. I am not inclined to have such great faith in the media’s ability to summarize a person’s statements. There are so many instances where the media (in effect) say that Smith endorsed fatty foods and single parenthood, where the original quotation simply showed Smith saying, “I believe in Mom and apple pie.” Now that I see the full context, I realize that this is not one of those instances, but it’s been known to happen.

  15. Some quotes are so bad that, if they’re verbatim, it’s hard to imagine any context that could make them look better. Unless they turned out to have been preceded by “Here’s an example of something a really insane person might say….” But no such extenuating context exists here.

  16. If I weren’t dead, I would be outraged at being linked to this General Boykin fellow. Sure, I like his aggressive nationalism, but the fact remains that he believes in a form of traditional Christianity, and I spent my career trying to replace Christianity with a whole new *volkish* German religion. Therefore, I do not appreciate the comparison.

  17. Your terrorist has no regard for human life. Not even his own.

    Ok, if General Ripper said THAT, it would change the tone a bit.

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    DATE: 05/20/2004 11:22:51
    The fear of death is the beginning of slavery.

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