An Original Publication Bites the Dust


After a wild and news-making three and a half years of "authentic journalism" from the front lines of the Drug War (south of the Mexican border), Al Giordano's Narco News is apparently shutting down. (Link via Romenesko)

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  1. At least he’s leaving the site up with its archives. It’s still a good resource.

  2. And thanks, anonymous gunslinger, for pointing out Giordano’s new blog.

  3. It sucks Al wouldn’t ask his readers to help him out after his grants/rich funding source (Tides perhaps)? ran out — he wouldn’t even put up a little ‘please donate maybe if you’d kinda like to’ button on his site. I’d of donated a couple bucks to at least keep him going for the rest of the year and my guess is that at least a few hundred other people would have chipped in as well — look at all the coverage we are missing on the chaos of Bolivia in recent days and weeks — we have to reply on 2 paragraph AP stories if you don’t read espanol…his anti-capitalism did him him ohh well — Viva NarcoNews, Down with Chavez, Long live Al!

  4. He can always go back to working at NUMA with Dirk Pitt.

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