New Iraqi Dinar


I like the dinar better than the new twenty, although the Coalition has not yet sprung for a nifty flash-game.

Try it out. You paid for it.

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  1. See, he was really doing it all for them, since the savages would see their way of life destroyed if they remained surrounded by civilized people.

    I would say events have proved him correct. The Indians just weren’t able to flee far enough, and wound up getting surrounded and having their way of life destroyed after all.

  2. And he accomplished it all by holding his conscripts at the bayonet points of his regulars, and the regulars in turn at the point of his officers’ guns. He would probably have kicked his officers’ asses himself. God bless early America’s strictly libertarian government.

  3. Two questions:

    1) Is the new Dinar actually WORTH anything–even when compared with our own Federal Reserve funny money?

    2) Does it HAVE to have Dubbya’s face on it?

  4. I don’t think Mark gets the joke…

  5. From what I’ve heard, the Iraqi Dinar has appreciated in value since the invasion, er.. occupation, uh… liberation, occured.

    While Saddam’s face is still on the money, and the government that issued it has effectively ceased to exist, the currency still circulates and its exchange value has risen largely due to the fact that (unlike other currencies) they aren’t printing any more of it.

  6. I’m not sure illegally seizing the land of other nations and forcing them to settle on the land of yet other peoples is really the best policy. Of course, he did it in the name of states rights and preserving native cultures, so he should be Ok to both lefties and righties.

  7. Yo Mark:
    Check the image a little closer. Note the presence of Ronald McDonald.

  8. The troubling thing about this is that US currency is slowly becoming more and more colorful. Soon we’ll walking around with bright multicolored bills like a bunch of God damned Canadians.

  9. I wonder how hard it would be to have holographic money.

  10. Oooooh boy. OK, you got me on that one. Excuse me, I’m going to go crawl into a hole somewhere and die of embarassment.

  11. Didn’t Andrew Jackson gain his reputation by killing Native Americans? I’m surprised there’s not been any protest over his image on our money. I think Andrew Johnson would be a much better choice. The only reason he was unpopular is because he had the guts not to punish the South too much.

  12. I thought Andrew Jackson’s fame came from the Battle of New Orleans in the war of 1812. He probably got on there when $20 seemed like more money than you would carry around in your wallet (like the $500 dollar bill or whatever).

  13. Don’t feel too bad. I did a couple of searches on the internet and couldn’t find any pictures of the new money except for the joke one.

  14. U.S. currency is the most boring looking in the world. O.K., maybe not the whole world, but Jesus it’s dull. You guys could do with some Canadianizing (?) of your bills.

  15. I had forgotten about that. Best battle of the war, but of course the war was already over by then.

    He fought in the First Seminole War as well, and as president moved a great deal of the eastern tribes west.

  16. ^well, that’s one way to put it. Another would be that he committed genocide in order to gain wealth and power.

    This Democrat gets pissed off by the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.”

  17. His speeches are really great on the subject of relocating the Indians. See, he was really doing it all for them, since the savages would see their way of life destroyed if they remained surrounded by civilized people.

  18. Acutally, the “tribes” re-located were largely the so-called “civilized” Indians. Thye adopted the “American” property rights system, founded towns, newspapers, etc., in an effort to make themselves more like the white people around them. This only incensed their white neighbors even more – who pressed their state and federal government officials to re-locate these people who were using prime farmland and thus denying such land to the whites.

    People tend to forget that Jackson didn’t commit these re-locations on his own; it was with the blessing, in fact I would dare say, the ravenous desire, of the white Americans he was President of.

  19. Speaking of money:

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 ? American officials in Baghdad have identified at least 30 businesses and individuals in the United States that investigators said they suspect sold tens of millions of dollars in military technology to Iraq before the war.

  20. Well considering the Iraqi Dinar was trading at $3.35 before the first gulf war and it has been under ten years of sanctions and was at 38 cents before this second war. The price of 1 penny per new dinar looks a little inviting since they are sitting on the second largest oil deposit in the world and they still have the largest natural gas deposit in the world. Buying the new dinar is kind of like oil futures don’t you think. Just a thought.

  21. The new Iraq Dinar is out and in full swing to grow huge. I am buying as much as I can while I am deployed in Iraq. I am told by the local Iraqi’s that once the government has their elections the money will sky rocket in value. Thanks for all of your concerns. I will see you on the high ground.


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