What Price Freedom Communications?


Freedom Communications, the publisher of the Orange County Register and other papers, and one of the few remaining family-owned media companies, has worked out a deal so that it will stay within the family.

As this Ft. Worth Star-Telegram account reports, terms were not disclosed, but most analysts figure the company is worth between $1.5 billion and $2 billion.

With family control, it's likely that Freedom papers will maintain their distinctively libertarian slant. Reason Contributing Editor John Hood notes that that is especially a boon in places where "Freedom properties have a bit of critical mass, such as California, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina" (where Hood runs the John Locke Institute)

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  1. It is a real relief that Freedom Communications will continue to be managed by the Hoiles family. The Orange County Register and its other papers have been an important voice for freedom for decades.
    Prospects for libertarian journalism have improved over the years with more new writers educated in libertarian principles, and the OC Register has provided an outlet and an income for many of them.
    On the OC Register website they have a links section specically to libertarian websites.

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