Another Rush, Another Bill


In an alternate universe, Rush Limbaugh is taking apart Bill Clinton's confession that he's addicted to pills.

[Thanks to John Q. for the tip.]

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  1. I think the piece is probably accurate as to what Rush would say. I love his show, but he is human and human beings are by nature a mass of contradictions. He, and most politicians, spend all their time spinning their theories and stories and facts and all that, when really the liberal/conservative divide boils down to assumptions about the world, and about human nature.

    It will be interesting to see how the christian right wing of the republican party deals with this.

  2. This takes Rush apart much more accurately and effectively than Al Franken ever will.

    It still will sadly do little to stop the war on drugs.

  3. Thanks, Jesse, but credit is due to Atrios.

  4. In this universe, what I’d like to see is Rush taking some of those pain-killers to take the sting off the severe beating that he just received at the hands of Donovan McNabb. Yeah, I’d probably pay $49.95 to see that one on pay-per-view.

  5. McNabb has other things to worry about. On the season so far he has thrown for 49.1%/790yds/2TDs/5INTs over 5 games for a QB rating of 54.2. He’s well below average. Maybe Rush “talent on loan form smack” Limbaugh was on to something.

  6. I like Rush a lot, but that piece nails him, both in style and content.

  7. comparing an entertainer w/commander-in-chief…well rush does have his finger on the button…

  8. Just a generic comment, but I keep reading that Rush was a “moralist”. I’ve listened to him since 92, and I don’t think I would ever describe him as a moralist.

  9. The point is that Rush would go balls out and attack Clinton. That Rush isn’t in control of the country’s nukes is relevant only up to a point. This article is an implicit attack on his thesis that the liberal media gives liberals a pass and conservatives a “rectal exam.”

    Also, of course Rush is a moralizer. He gets on the radio every morning and speaks of “shoulds” and “oughts.” He’s speaking mostly about political morality, but still it is morality.

    In the end, Rush is a talented man and will pull through this. I think he *might* have to temper his social-conservative rhetoric on personal isses like the “war” on drugs. I wish him the best of luck.

  10. Aw, I hate both of them.

  11. The Christian Right will take Rush’s addiction like they do when they find out their teenage daughter is pregnant or their son was caught smoking pot. Peer pressure and bad influence.

    Nobody takes personal responsibility for their actions, NOBODY!

    I won’t even take responsibility for this post.

  12. We were surprised to see that Rush supported legalization of drugs on his radio show in 1998

    transcript here.

  13. That Rush isn’t in control of the country’s nukes is relevant only up to a point.

    Well, yeah, but that’s a pretty fucking important point, wouldn’t you say?

  14. TalkLeft linked an article about Rush’s supposed support for drug legalization. But Rush was obviously being sarcastic, saying that the only way to get liberals to crack down on hard drugs would be to legalize them. And when the inevitably terrible consequences of legalization are realized, liberals will sue the drug companies.

    Perverse argument I think, pointing out Rush’s own doublestandards as much as it points to any shortcomings of the left.

    His support of legalization of drugs is akin to him advocating the legalization of prostitution, so that “a generation of perverts will suffer and die from the ravages of AIDS. Good riddance!”

  15. That was great! Definately had Rush’s style and shtick down. Thanks for the link.

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