That's Classified


Sign of the times: an increase in the number of secrecy orders imposed on private inventors.

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  1. The first two articles on this link portend scary news for scientists and engineers. The panel of scientists used to vette projects for ?hazards? runs completely counter to the scientific inquiry process. How can I justify the results of proposed research before I?ve started doing the work? And who chooses the god squad? Hmmm.

  2. Looks like the year the sooper secrecy really started was FY 01, when the rescinded secrecy orders went from ~250 to ~80.

  3. “that’s classified”…

    sorry — can’t get the line from “airplane” out of my head when Ted tells Elaine about his mission in great detail but is not allowed to tell her when they return, “i’m sorry, that’s classified”.

    a quote for the season,

  4. And naturally, this policy is the perfect way to scuttle innovation in the security/anti-terror industry. Why bother inventing if the government confiscates your intellectual property with no renumeration? You’d be better off opening a doughnut franchise.

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