Terror of MECHAgodzilla Overstated


New at Reason: Somewhere out there, I hope LoneWacko is enjoying a shot of tequila, relieved to find that after all we've been hearing about Cruz Bustamante, La Raza, and the dreaded anti-187 vote, Latino voters did not behave as an undifferentiated mass. Matt Welch looks into it.

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  1. Well right, not all hispanics vote a block. So if you were afraid that Bustamante would be propelled to power in a secret “take back Aztlan” cabal, then it seems those fears were overstated. In fact they would be a little racist and alot paranoid (I’m looking at you, Pat Buchanan).

    But is that the sum of the concern? No. The moderate, reasonable concern is that Bustamante is in fact a racist.

    I discuss that here:


    and here:


    The fact that most hispanics did not go along with Bustamante shows that they are not racists and they are not duped by racial pandering, such as the license measure. but it doesn’t absolve Bustamante of the charge of racism, or at least refusing to disassociate himself with racism. Arnold at least took out the time to denounce everything that Hitler stood for. But when is Bustamante going to denounce everything that Mecha stands for? Because there is no serious denil that Mecha is a racist organization.

  2. What about me?

  3. I agree with AW. MEChA is clearly a racist organization just like the the NAACP and the Council of Conservative Citizens because each are in favor of having the government discriminate against citizens based on their race while discriminating in favor of members of their race.

    Moreover the suggestion that somehow latinos would agree with the racist agenda of MEChA merely because they share the same ethnicity is just as racist and stupid as the idea that all caucasians share the views of the CCC or all blacks those of the equally vile NAACP.

  4. One more point, I think it is perfectly fair to ask Lt Governor Bustamante to denounce the racist agenda of MEChA when he was a member. Other organizations such as the ACLU are also on record as favoring government-mandated racial descrimination. Should not members of that organization (such as certain staffers for Reason) who have falsely touted the ACLU as being an organization which protects “civil rights” also be expected to denounce their organization’s support of racist policies?

  5. Once again, another fine column from Matt Welch.

    But where does he mention MEChA or even allude to the MEChA dust up as a factor in the race? Tim?

    As has already been pointed out, the concerns expressed about the Bustamante-MEChA connection had nothing to do with a fear that there were these “brown hoards” of MEChA-inspired separatists out trying to take over California — but that the MEChA doctrine is evil and reasonable people will denounce it, and we wanted to test Bustamante’s reasonableness. He failed that test.

    Tim’s mischaracterization of the anti-MEChA argument is typical of those who decline to deal with this issue head-on in an intellectually honest manner. The issue has never been about Latinos, or even student empowerment. It has been about a racist/Marxist doctrine espoused openly by a group of people that just happens to try and appeal to Mexican-Americans (not even all Latinos).

  6. Thorley gets it right. Just because MECHa is pro Latino, doesn’t mean there’s refelxive support for it by Latinos.

    It’s good to hear that Latinos are starting to become more of a swing group. Regarding social issues, they are more (R) than (D). Same goes for African-Americans. Racial politics in America would be well served if minorities aren’t beholden to a single party.

  7. While I appreciate the attention, you’ve misstated my various comments, which are more in line with those above.

    (Canada off Machias Seal Island!)

  8. I asked my mother, a native-born Mexican immigrant who?d predicted Arnold?s victory, why Mexicans would vote against a fellow Hispanic. She said it?s because Mexico has many corrupt politicians, so just because the guy’s Mexican doesn?t mean he’ll look out for his own people. They?ve seen other Mexicans in the political game to get rich. Arnold is already rich, so he?s not in it for the money. Plus, he comes across as smart?not in a scholarly, intellectual way, but ?astute.? And he seems like ?good people.?

  9. Tim’s mischaracterization of the anti-MEChA argument is typical of those who decline to deal with this issue head-on in an intellectually honest manner.

    Or maybe it was a funny headline.

  10. Hmm.

    My mother-in-law, who left Ecuador when she was 16 (she is 56 now), was asked who she voted for and why by her 16 year old niece (who is Ecuadorian and only speaks Spanish). My mother-in-law responded Bustamonte, and part of the reason she voted for him was that he was hispanic. My American born wife (both parents from Ecuador) would have voted for Arnold–but she wasn’t registered.

  11. MEChAs gracias, Howard!

  12. Tim, oh, the headline’s funny, but that wasn’t what I was responding to. I was responding to what you actually wrote. Again, mischaracterization in place of argumentation. Nice.

  13. Mecha did a hurryup cleanup job after Bustamento’s connection was announced. Before that, I actually erased their site from my favorites because of the anti-semite, anti-US kant.

    Incidently, TW, the CCC was the Civilian Conservation Corps, an organization formed in the 30’s to give conservation jobs to young boys. Hardly a philosophy to object to, although some hard line anti FDR people swore it was a ruse to train soldiers for FDR’s plans of world coquest.

  14. Only simple-minded politicians think hispanics vote as a block. When I ran some libertarian open-immigration opinions by one of my recently nauturalized hispanic pal his reaction was: “You can’t just open the boarders, the place would be over-run by wet-backs!” Especially up here in the SF bay area– many hispanics disdain illegals as not playing fair– remember, is is often the newest legal immigrants that compete for the entry-level jobs and they don’t need any illegals pushing the market price down further. As to the issue of driver’s licenses for illegals, my pal Fernando brought up a good point– if we let them get a driver’s license they can get insurance and he wouldn’t have to pay a major premium for uninsured motorists on his insurance in a state where car insurance is required by law. By excluding them from legal participation in some things, it further exludes them from a ton of other things, much to the detriment of us all.

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